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Extreme Weight Loss What Can Be Achieved In A Year

A 30-year-old family man with a wife and two young children, Jonathan had realized his health was spiraling out of control and his very life was in danger.

Since his college days where he met his wife 10 years earlier, he had gained another 300lbs.

In the Extreme Makeover – Weightloss series Jonathan explained how ashamed he felt that when he went out with his family to watch the Harlem Globetrotters play, he was unable to fit in a seat. He felt sure that his wife no longer found him attractive.

He couldn’t even play with his children as it was too exhausting. All he could do was play ‘catch’ without actually moving too much. His biggest concern was that he would not be around to watch his children grow up.

Along comes fitness coach and weightless instructor Chris Powell and he introduced PhenQ to Jonathon. He would be responsible for helping Jonathan stay on track to meet his target.

The 1 year challenge

At the weighing Jonathan hit the scales at a staggering 543ibs. This means he is overweight by more than twice the 235lbs he had 10 years earlier. The amount of junk food and soda, he was eating meant that he was consuming around 5lbs of sugar every week, way beyond the recommended daily intake of sugar. Could he overcome this food addiction?

With the help of Chris, Jonathan began his regime by changing his diet quite drastically and working out in the Gym. This is what it looked like:-

  • 2000 calories per day
  • 5meals per day
  • 400 calories per meal
  • Lean protein/ vegetables

Workout 6 days per week

  • Phase 1: Lose 135lbs
  • Phase 2: 80lbs
  • Phase 3: 55lbs
  • Phase 4: To reach his goal of losing 250lbs

The doctor’s surgery

According to the doctor, Jonathan had a number of health issues and threats associated with obesity.

  • Osteoporosis

This is where the bones become brittle as a result of hormonal change and Calcium deficiency.

  • Lower Sex Drive

Testosterone levels had dropped causing him to have a lower sex drive.

Increased body fat causing fatigue, breathlessness, and the likelihood of heart failure.

  • Sleep Apnea

A condition where the airflow is interrupted during sleep as the walls of the throat relax.

Weight loss achievements

Over the course of the year, each stage had incentives to encourage his progress. Amazingly, one of those challenges was for Jonathan to pull a 2-tonne plane along a runway for one mile – and he hit it.

Throughout the year he did things that until then would have been impossible. This included going for a bike ride with his family, playing basketball with his boys and the Harlem Globetrotters, flying a plane, and going on a rollercoaster ride.

Skin Surgery

As the weight fell off him it was clear that a large amount of skin would need to be removed. The specialist doctor stated that the general discoloration and irritation that Jonathan had been used to was not bad enough to prevent surgery. The doctor’s challenge was that if he lost 250lbs by the end of the year he would carry out the surgery.


Along this arduous journey, Jonathan stepped on the scales one last time to reveal that he had lost 266lb of body fat. Sheer determination, willpower, and a lot of hard work to reach those goals had paid off, making him look and feel 10years younger.

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