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The Health Benefits Of Weight Training

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of Whey Protein supplement and its benefits for weight loss. Since whey protein supplements are often used by athletes and body builders, I thought to give another article that pertains to body and muscle building – Weight Training.

Weight training pertains to strength or weight resistant lifting that focuses on toning every parts of your body muscles into an improved physique. Building your muscles doesn’t just help you to lose weight naturally, it also gives you better physical appearance and have self-confidence.

I took some weight training myself and I can attest the power of weight training in weight loss. My waist line was reduced by 1.5 inches and my wife’s weight decreases significantly by just doing four weeks of light weight training. If you can visit a gym full-time, I guarantee you that you will not just lose some pounds, but you will also have a fit and sexier body.

Weight training basics

Weight training is for everybody that wishes to improve their over all physique. It’s a different type of workout or exercise that involves determination and willingness to challenge yourself thru weight lifting. Improving or toning every muscle groups of your body is a tough task, but obviously will offer too many health benefits.

One benefit is strength conditioning. It enables you to increase your weight lifting capacity and make your stronger than your usual capacity. Weight training also promotes cardiovascular health as it is similar to other physical workout programs such as aerobics, sports, yoga and many others. Weight training also improves your stamina, endurance and strengthens your immune system. Lastly, it won’t keep you out of shape.

Weight training can be performed anywhere but most ideally in a gym where proper equipments can be found. If you want some private workout, you can buy different weight lifting equipments for home use. Common equipments includes dumbbells, barbells, weight machines and many others.

Lifting weights depends on your preferences on what muscle parts you want to improve. If you want to develop your abs, then you can do abdominal crunches. If you want to develop your chest, then pull and push ups can help. Lifting weights on the other hand can improve your back, traps, biceps and triceps. Leg workouts are also available through machines that focuses on legs and thighs.

The duration of your weight training also depends on the muscle parts that you are currently working on. It is much advisable to work in a single muscle group for each workout session. A session may require at least 20 minutes time duration but the average time for adults is 30 minutes. You can do the remaining muscle groups for your next workout. Working your muscle groups in an alternate fashion will prevent stress on your muscles and will highly promote muscle growth. My advise is to prevent working out everyday and have a one day gap between each sessions.

If you are a beginner, never rush into weight training program. I highly advise that you consult a fitness expert or your physician first before you do any weight loss program. Any ill-advised and improper weight lifting program can result to different health conditions such as shortness of breath, hernia, muscle sprain, bone damage and many others. So remember to get adequate ideas from fitness professionals before you start any weight loss program through weight training.

Along with weight training, nutrition in the later stages is also important for the proper recovery and growth of muscles. If you are looking for a fat burner, buy Instant Knockout. A high-quality fat burner that boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight faster. It has also been proven to increase energy levels. 

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