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Prescription Weight Loss Drugs Health Risks

As promised from my previous post with regards to different diet pills, I am now going to give you a detailed information about another kind of weight loss pills which requires a prescription from your doctor. These drugs are mostly available in your local pharmacy store which are sometimes referred to as “prescription weight loss drugs”.

Well, there is a huge gap or difference between prescription weight loss drugs from traditional diet pills that I usually promote in this site or any other online store you may stumble with. First off, these drugs are made by pharmaceutical companies that uses synthetic ingredients compared to diet pills that are organically made from plant extracts, which of course are more natural and safer to use.

But these drugs are also effective and can help you lose weight of about 5 to 10% of your normal body weight. Some says they lose more and others says that most of these products doesn’t work or less effective. Although these drugs are commercially produced, most of these drugs are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This health forum has given a basic guide about prescription drugs which addresses the similarities of different popular prescription pills such as Xenical (orlistat), Meridia, Bontril, Desoxyn, Ionamin and many others. Most of these drugs works as an appetite suppressant which helps lessen your food intake, except of course for Xenical which is a carb and fat blocker.

Risks of Prescription Weight Loss Drugs

Although approved by the FDA, the agency only recommends prescription weight loss drugs to people with body mass index of 30 or higher. If you have other health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or heart disease, BMI requirement is 27 or higher.

People suffering from severe obesity may use these drugs provided that there is an approval from your physician. Since prescription weight loss products are considered as “treatment”, side effects or health risks are always possible to occur especially those people who are taking these drugs below the required BMI.

Like any legal drugs out in the market, prescription drugs are highly addicting especially if the patient goes beyond the prescribed usage by the doctor. This is the reason why these drugs needs prescription in the first place, because all of these products could be addictive.

People taking prescription obesity drugs may develop tolerance once the pill reached the limit of effectiveness. Taking medication could be effective in the first 6 months but may eventually lose its function. This is either caused by the body’s developed tolerance or with the drug itself.

Lastly, the risks of side effects. Mild side effects are common for first time drug users. But if the symptoms are persistent, then you should stop taking medication and consult your doctor immediately.

Xenical for example has reported side effects which includes diarrhea, repetitive muscle cramps, flatulence, leakage of oily stool and bowel discomfort. Eating foods high in saturated fats will highly worsen these symptoms. Meridia meanwhile are not prescribed for people with high blood pressure and heart diseases because this drug can aggravate these side effects.

Appetite suppressant prescription drugs are only recommended for short term use and specifically made for people with severe weight issues. Abusive consumption outside of the prescribed usage may lead to excessive sweating, increased blood pressure, rapid heart rate, constipation, abnormal sleeping patterns or insomnia, mood swings, drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, headache, anxiety and even depressive disorders.

Things to Do Before you Purchase Prescription Weight Loss Drugs

Before you frantically click here and there for the best supplements, understanding your body and requirement should be prioritized. There may be chemical stimulants or lab-generated components which aren’t suitable for better health. Even the ones claiming naturality are better checked for their ingredients as many people have intolerances and allergies. You can start with quick tips as: 

First off, you better make sure that traditional programs such as dieting, exercise routines or any other weight loss regimens failed, before you turn your attention to these kinds of drugs. Either way, you still need to apply these programs with or without prescription weight loss drugs.

Since these drugs are not for long-term use and are highly addictive, you better have to make sure if these products are the one you urgently need. Although more cheaper than organically made diet pills, you still need to think twice before you purchase prescription obesity drugs.

From the side effects above, you need to consult your doctor first to give you a complete diagnosis of your weight situation. Your doctor might also recommend other weight loss methods such as surgical procedures, dieting and many others. He will also analyze if you have current or past health conditions such as pregnancy (for women), diabetes, hyperthyroidism, allergies, heart diseases, hypertension, drug or alcohol abuse, injuries or traumas, headache and many others.

Once your physician gives you a go signal to take this kind of drugs, you need to follow the prescription to the letter. Otherwise, you are increasing your health risks further. Any abnormal body reactions must be reported to your doctor immediately to prevent any side effects to occur. Your doctor might change the drug or stop the treatment and will recommend other alternative weight loss approach.

Prescription Weight Loss Drugs against Organically-made Diet Pills

Since the health hazards associated with prescription weight loss drugs along with its required doctor’s approval, people are much discouraged and inclined to do other weight loss drugs or methods. Others pursue alternative approach such as yoga or tai-chi, others patronize the now more popular organic diet pills.

Organic diet pills are made from 100% plant extracts and natural ingredients that guarantees no side effects. Prescription obesity pills meanwhile are made from chemicals and synthetic ingredients that leads to drug tolerance and other mentioned health risks above.

Organic diet pills can be used as a health supplement such as Capsiplex and Pure Acai Berry Max, both are made from acai berry fruit and capsicum, a compound from pepper. Prescription drugs meanwhile such as Xenical mainly reduces the absorption of vitamins along with fats and carbs. This means that you need to take multivitamin supplements together with prescription drugs to avoid vitamin deficiencies.

Plus, people taking prescription weight loss drugs should follow a low-fat diet before, during and after the prescribed treatment. Although organic diet pills also suggests the same routine, you are not completely obliged to follow a restrictive diet. Both types of drugs also recommends different physical activities to maintain their weight loss progress.

Although organically-made diet pills are more expensive, they offer great results with no known or reported side effects. Most diet pills are clinically proven effective and safe to use, even if you take it for supplementation purposes. But since natural diet pills are abundant in the Internet including prescription weight loss drugs, you need to carefully select the best site that offers natural slimming pills and not synthetically made products.

To avoid being scammed, you have to analyze carefully every product’s ingredients along with its testimonials and reviews all over the Internet. To get you a glimpse of the best, trusted and world renowned diet pills, read our product reviews below and decide which pill is ideal for you.

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