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Best Natural Over-the-Counter Nootropics

Over-the-Counter Nootropics are now very popular and people are looking for them almost everywhere. But why are these so popular? There are several reasons for it. Nootropics are nothing but natural supplements or drugs that have been manufactured in order to provide the people with enhanced brain function. People who use Nootropics have said that it helped them attain better efficiency, bring more focus, and a lot of other improvements in their habits. They are also responsible for reducing age-related declines in human brain function.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of Nootropics, but don’t want to use supplements like these, then here are some natural ingredients that will work as natural Nootropics in the human body.

  • Fish Oils 

fish oils are enriched in DHA or docosahexaenoic acid & eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA. Both of them are omega-3 fatty acids that have been associated with increased brain functions. The fatty acids play a very important role in the overall maintenance of the structure and function of the brain. You’ll be surprised to know that fish oils can improve your brain memory and contribute to cell production. DHA is a very important element for your brain because it constitutes 90% of omega-3 fat and 25% of the total fat that is present in your brain. So, you can definitely try it out.

  • Resveratrol

this is a proper antioxidant which occurs naturally in the skin of red and purple colored fruits like grapes & raspberries. You can also find it in red wine, chocolate and peanuts. Resveratrol can help to prevent the hippocampus levels from deteriorating and is associated majorly with brain memory. If the Resveratrol levels are higher in your body, then your brain is supposed to function better. Your brain remains sharp even when you grow old.

  • Caffeine

 this is an element that needs no introduction at all because people nowadays are very familiar with what caffeine is. It is the natural stimulant that we can find in products like tea, coffee and dark chocolate. This works by stimulating your brain and the nervous system which keeps you more active and alert. Caffeine can help you feel more energized and improve your overall brain function. It also delivers better reflexes and general functions. Caffeine is also related to increase in energy levels and overall physical performance. That is why the energy drinks come with caffeine.

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine

this is an amino acid that the human body can produce naturally. It has the ability to play a huge role in the overall functionality of the metabolism and health. Your energy levels can depend majorly on it. Taking acetyl-L-carnitine can make you more alert and always gives you a better memory. It also slows down the memory loss process as people keep growing old. These supplements can be easily found online or over-the-counter.

  • Creatine

next we have is Creatine which is another energy stimulating supplement that can make you feel more energized and keeps you active. Creatine can be widely found in very common food items like eggs, meat and fish. Creatine has the ability to improve your memory and deliver higher memory levels. If you are a fitness freak and regularly hit the gym or play some sport, then creatine can be of great help. Why? Because it can increase lean muscle mass, and help your muscles to recover.

So, these are the top and most reliable natural Adderall alternatives that you can buy in 2021. Each of them come with proven benefits that allows you to improve your physical fitness and overall performance in the long run.

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