How To Use Your Psychic Guidance For Finding Your Soul Mate Lover

One of the most common questions I get asked as I offer psychic reading to any client is if a lover is right for them  ‘Is he the One?.’ I also sometimes get asked which out of two (or more) lovers is the best match. I must admit I hesitate to answer the question in terms of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ because someone who is not right for the longer term may still be right in terms of bringing a particular lesson…

That said, deep down we all wish that there is a way for us to know beyond any shadow of a doubt that he or she is the right one, the one our soul has been yearning for since as far back as we can remember. The good news is, you do have a way of knowing! All your life, you will have been drawn to one or more specific traits, quirks, or characteristics, often without being able to explain why.

For instance, you may be able to look at the shape of a potential partner’s ears and just know that they are ‘wrong’ because in your mind you have a template of your soul mate’s ears. Or you could have a thing for a particular nationality.

It may be a small and seemingly insignificant detail but it’s nonetheless important to honor your inner knowing on this. This inner knowing comes from you having a soul contract with one or more soul mates in this incarnation to be together in a close intimate relationship. In order to be able to heed your inner knowing there are two blocks you must rid yourself of:

1) Scepticism about the existence of a soul mate lover

2) Scepticism about your chances of finding your soul mate lover

True love is real. It exists… and while the cards are great for guidance, everything you need to find the One is inside you, right now. So what are some other ways of tuning into this intuitive knowing besides relying on being drawn to specific traits, quirks, and characteristics?

Firstly, you can rely on your dreams to guide you. If you are single and have yet to meet your soul mate lover, you can begin to ask for dreams to guide you to him, as well as begin spending time with him on the astral planes. As soon as you begin journeying like this in Dreamtime, it’s important that you start keeping a journal that allows you to record all your dreams.

Secondly, you can use your primary clair in special ways. Whichever chair you rely on though, it is paramount that you allow skepticism to fly out the window and find a way of centering your own energy (input from others is a big No-No).


You will know his voice when you hear it and hearing his name may give you an inner knowing. Try saying the name of your lover out loud – you will know if it is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ by the energetic resonance created by the sound of the name.


The visual details discussed above will take on extra significance. You may also have a better than average chance to actually see your future lover in a meditation, which allows you to instantly recognize him the first time you meet in the flesh (this time around).


Pay attention to how your body reacts and especially the energy flowing in and out through your heart chakra. While you may still connect in ways that affect your own energy field in a positive way with lovers who are not ‘the One,’ you will notice that your heart chakra energy expands and seeks to merge fearlessly when you connect with a soul mate lover. You will feel that you already know the other person.


You just know. The trick is to trust your inner knowing. If you know that this is your primary Clair, you can begin strengthening it by honoring your inner knowing in all areas of life… That way, you will find it relatively easy to honor your inner knowing when it comes to love as well.

Finally, you can ask for help from your spirit guides and angels. They will begin to leave signs and arrange for synchronicities that will guide your steps. If you are drawn to work with the cards in your quest for a soul mate lover, I do recommend invoking the help and guidance from Spirit helpers and then stay open to the intuitive guidance they provide (not just in the cards) – it beats relying on the intellect every time!

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