Top Fat Loss Supplements That Work

In order for these Top Fat Loss Supplements to work effectively, you need to include exercise, a proper diet, and an adequate amount of sleep. When all these requirements are fulfilled, then supplementation will really enhance your fitness goals.

However, if you take these top fat loss supplements without having those basic requirements fulfilled, you will see little to no results.

5 Top Fat Loss Supplements

With that being said, these top fat loss supplements can go a long way in terms of seeing faster fat-burning results.

Top Fat Loss Supplements #1 – L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine or Levocarnitine is the first choice when it comes to our top fat loss supplements, because of its ability for fat metabolism. The job of L-carnitine is to help transfer fatty acids into the Mitochondria, which is your body’s cellular power plant. Basically, it helps use the stored fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates.

I personally recommend taking L-carnitine in the liquid form 30 minutes before your workout. I also have seen an improvement in fat loss when I take it with caffeine.

Top Fat Loss Supplements #2 – Vitamin B Complex

For the second supplement in our top fat loss supplements is the very popular Vitamin B complex. This supplement is great for converting the food that you eat into energy. Vitamin B complex contains a whole range of vitamins including…

  • B1
  • B2
  • B3
  • B6
  • B12
  • C

In particular, for fat loss, the Vitamin B complex has many helpful functions…

  • It breaks down the protein that you consume for energy
  • Maintains blood sugar levels
  • Helps produce red blood cells
  • Assists with proper thyroid function and metabolism.

Top Fat Loss Supplements #3 – Glutamine

When on a low caloric diet for fat loss, your immune system will suffer. The combination of a low caloric diet with the stress of your muscles from exercising will have your natural glutamine stores depleted. Supplementing with glutamine will boost your immune system and help keep you from getting sick. And if you have been sick when trying to burn fat, you know that can be a major setback in your fat loss goals.

Top Fat Loss Supplements #4 – Fish Oil

Fish oil contains fatty acids that help promote fat loss. These fatty acids can not be produced within the body, therefore, must be consumed through food or supplementation. Fish oil reduces blood clotting and blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.

For best results for fat loss, take one fish oil capsule with every meal except for your post-workout meal.

Top Fat Loss Supplements #5 – Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract helps elevates norepinephrine, a fat-burning hormone. This fat-burning hormone…

  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases the rate of fat mobilization
  • Releases energy from glucose and glycogen

When combined with caffeine, green tea extract has been shown to increase the resting metabolic rate. Green tea extract also slows the rise of blood sugar after a meal which helps in insulin control.

The top fat loss supplements listed in this article will not give you dramatic results else you can also learn about Testoprime here which is a testosterone booster necessary when it comes to weight loss. Don’t become dependent on these top fat loss supplements or else you will miss out on 90% of what really burns fat, a proper diet, and intense exercise.

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