Take This Trivia To Find Out Which Pokemon Resembles Your Personality!!

As you already know, every pokemon has a unique personality, and if we are not mistaken, there are over 800 pokemon in the pokeverse. That means there are many personalities in a single TV show, which can make it challenging for you to decide which pokemon resembles your personality the most. 

So, to help you figure out which pokemon matches with you, we have created this unique trivia that is loaded with different breeds so that in the end, you can know which one matches your personality. So, Let’s check out what kind of pokemon resembles your personality. 

  • Pokemon Trivia Quiz 

In the initial stage of the quiz, you have to decide what kind of pokemon you love the most. That means you have to figure out whether you are more of a fire-type person or a water-like person. After that, this trivia will further break down to see which pokemon you are likely to get along with, and you would be eager to catch it first.

 Most of you might be thinking about Squirtle and Pikachu, but you will see every pokemon on this quiz. Finally, you have to analyze your personality and see whether you can be like the evil Meowth or the rare mew. 

So the only way to figure out which one matches your true personality is to enter this pokemon trivia challenge. Not only will you have fun while answering these questions, but also you will experience the thrill of watching the whole series once again. So, what’s taking you so long? Go ahead and start your quiz challenge. If you are a true pokemon fanatic, you would easily ace this challenge and tell your friends how you would electrify their guts in this challenge. 

  • Facts That You Should Know For Acing This Quiz
  • Did you know that there are 807 pokemon in the entire pokeverse? In 7 generations, the founder of pokemon has introduced unique pokemon characters with different powers and personalities. 
  • Did you know that the gold and silver versions were the last pokemon games? Yes, you read it right, you should know that the franchise could have ended 24 years ago, but it didn’t. 
  • Who was the first pokemon ever introduced? Rhydon was the first designed pokemon within the gaming universe, though you might find Arceus the oldest pokemon. But you should know that Rhydon is the first pokemon that was ever created. That’s why the sprites of rhydon were featured throughout the game. Sugimori, the founder, also mentioned that clefairy and Lapras are among other pokemon designed after the rhydon to join the platform. 

  • This trivia is based on your personality, which means whatever your likes or dislikes, you get to choose from several options, which determines with which pokemon you get along quite well. So, when answering those questions, be mindful of them.
  • Most of you love the characters of Pikachu and Ash, but you do have the guts and agility to fight your enemies. Well, you are about to find out this in an amazing quiz competition. 
  • In the original pokemon blue and red pokemon game, players can catch pokemon hidden inside the statues of rhydon adorned in the pokemon gym. All you have to do is use an old rod on one of the statues, and you will encounter a Magikarp. In addition, you should know that there is a possibility to fish poliwag and golden where you find water in the cerulean city. Though you won’t get any rare pokemon, it feels satisfactory to say that you acquired a pokemon inside the gym. 
  • Most of you might think that splash has to do something with water, but you should know that in Japanese, ‘the move’ also means hop and splash. That means the move skills can be acquired and honed by non-watery pokemon like hoppip and spoink. That’s why splash becomes disable when psychic gravity is in effect. 
  • In the pokemon blue and pokemon red beta series, the franchise had altered some names to represent some growing concerns worldwide. As a result, you might find some pokemon had distinctly different names that you usually know before. For instance, weezing and koffing were named La and Ny respectively to point out the polluted air in Los Angeles and New York. kabutops and kabuto were named lantis and Att respectively to represent Atlantis. Wigglytuff and Jigglypuff were given some adorable names like custard and pudding. Above all, Skulkraken had the coolest name among others that is Gyarados. 
  • James Turner, the British graphic designer, became the first official pokemon designer from the western in 2010. He has designed many pokemon for the white and black series, two for sun and moon, and another two for the X and Y series. 

So, do you have what it takes to relate with the best pokemon? If yes, take this trivia quiz and find out. 

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