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CBD And Dogs: Having A Longer And Better Life With Daily CBD Dosage

Today CBD is a hot topic among the medical industry and general public. Many are swearing by the good effects it has on people and their health. However, off late many are saying that CBD does have positive effects on animals as well. Dogs, for example, are showing positive effects with regular use of CBD. It helps treat pain, inflammation, and anxiety in dogs and helps them have a longer life. One can get more information from the island now

Administering CBD to dogs

When administering CBD to dogs for treating pain and anxiety, there are three ways; oils, edibles, and creams. When young dogs face any localized pain, topicals like creams and lotions infused with CBD tend to be helpful. If the dog’s trouble is related to anxiety and stress, then edibles are more helpful. Also, in dogs who are old and are suffering from all types of body and joint pain, edibles and oils are a better option as it gives a more generalized and widespread effect on the pain and discomfort. 

Dosage of CBD for dogs

The CBD dosage given to the dogs is based on how old they are and how big the dog is. Bigger dogs require more CBD dosage, and the smaller ones can have a lesser amount. Also, it depends on the problem and how big of an issue it is. For smaller dogs, 20 mg of CBD is a good starting point. But, for bigger dogs, usually, the dosage tends to be around 40-50 mg. However, in the beginning, regardless of what the age of the dog is, one can give them CBD in fewer amounts up to 10-20 mg only and see the difference for one week. This will help in recording any side effects. 

Benefits of CBD for dogs

When it comes to CBD, certain research shows that it can help dogs have a longer and healthier life. One of the major issues faced by older dogs is osteoarthritis which causes inflammation of joints. This can be painful and can make the dog suffer. It is seen that CBD in the right dose can help the dog in relieving muscular and joint pain. 

Also, it is found out that CBD is quite helpful in calming the dogs that are stressed and anxious. CBD helps them sleep and feel better when administered in smaller amounts. Also, in many cases, the CBD helps bring back the appetite in dogs after they have gone through any treatment or medication. 

Though not many side effects are recorded to date in dogs, dog owners need to be careful with their dosages and the type of CBD they use. As the CBD products are not FDA approved. The chances of not knowing about them can be an issue faced by the dog owners. One should use lesser amounts and should keep checking to see if there are any side effects. 

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