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Are Frequent Fights With Your Significant Partner Bothering You? Astrology Has The Solution

Have you ever noticed that you and significant half fight during a specific time of the month or year or when there is an astrological change affecting your stars? Fights are not a result of incompatibility or misunderstanding in most cases. In fact, sometimes fights take birth from the silliest of things, like hiding the TV remote and turn into a massive war. These fights are a direct result of astrological changes. 

And these changes, when not countered, can ruin your relationship with your significant half, even if you two are the “meant to be” together with people.

How do small fights keep escalating and turning into a disaster?

There are two reasons that lead to fighting:

  • Negativity

Sometimes, fights have nothing to do with you but still affect you, and this happens when a negative aura has touched your safe space; or you have entertained a negative presence. For example, if you had a guest who has constantly discussed negative aspects with you, you are harboring their negativity and allowing it to reside in your house. Then that negativity is the reason for the clash between your partner and you. As a fight break-outs, you begin feeding the negativity with your and your partner’s negative emotions, which causes an escalation.

  • Change of planet position

If planets influencing the peace and calm in your life change positions, this may alter the energy of your living space and hence lead to fights. The elements responsible for negativity can alter your and your partner’s mood and fill you with fatigue, negativity and result in a row.

How to eliminate this negativity and bring peace to your and your partner’s life?

These tips are from the Best astrology sites and can help you eliminate or stop the flow of negativity and restore the peace and serenity of your space:

  • Saltwater

Salt is a known element that absorbs negativity and cleanses the living space. And hence it is essential to add salt to your mopping mixture and wipe down floors and surfaces to neutralize the negativity and evil aura. Adding salt will help you get rid of any negative vibes, and while sea salt is the best, you can use other salts if sea salt is unavailable.

  • Rudraksha

Rudraksha is a holy element worn by gods. And hence dawning on a Gauri Shankar Rudraksha can help you and your partner. The Rudraksha will help you sync with each other’s emotions and feelings, and love and affection will flow through you both and balance out any negative aspects with calm.

  • Gold bangles

The woman in the relationship or marriage can deflect bad luck and evil eye if she wears gold bangles. Wearing gold bangles is an ancient practice that stops negativity from flowing into the relationship. The sound the bangles make attracts positivity and deflects negativity, and helps achieve a balanced relationship.

Other ways to restore calm and peace with your significant half include planting banana trees, worshipping Lord Shiva, etc. All these methods require your absolute belief and faith to work and restore the love and happiness with your partner.

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