Best Options to Survive the Minecraft First Day

The Minecraft game offers a variety of methods to amuse the user, but it is survival that poses the most difficult task to even the most experienced players. Throughout the game, you must interact with and alter the environment around you in order to avoid death and to escape the creatures who emerge at night. Many new players, whether in groups or on their own, have difficulty understanding the game’s gameplay and suffer as a result of surviving the first night and the first virtual day, whether in groups or on their own. With you can have the smartest solutions. Now let us look at the surviving options in Minecraft:

How to download and install Minecraft on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

You will discover how to survive the first night and the first day of the game by following the instructions in the following tutorial. This lesson teaches you how to flee from creatures and explains why you should avoid establishing your home in caverns, among other things. Now let us have a look at the next things to check.

Locate a tree and gather wood with your hands

Then, using the creation menu, convert the wood into boards to finish the project.

Select “craft” from the main menu and use the wood you’ve gathered to build blocks of planks

Each block of wood will produce four boards when cut into pieces. A decent starting point is 32 boards, which is a reasonable number, to begin with.

Find a place to sleep for the night

Considering that everything is transitory, the earth may be used to construct the framework of the home. Construct a bench after you’ve built a shelter so that you may use it to create more complex things later on. On the bench, construct a door, giving priority to those with small windows as you go (this varies depending on the type of wood you have). You’ll be able to tell when the day has begun to dawn again from the comfort of your own home with

On the bench, construct a wooden pickaxe, which you will use to crush rocks while you work on sculpting the inside of the shelter. On the same bench, construct a furnace for burning wood. It will be helpful for producing charcoal and for constructing some torches so that you do not have to be in total darkness throughout the night; it will also be good for storing food. In the furnace, burn part of the wood that was gathered from the tree (planks would not work) to make charcoal, as indicated in the illustration. To make torches, use charcoal as fuel.

Last Words

Making a bed is optional; but, if you have wool or are able to locate sheep in your location, you may do so. The bed enables you to “sleep” and “jump” during the whole night. These are the most essential things that you will have to keep in mind. Otherwise, you may face issues in playing the same. So be specific and go for it with all your tricks now.

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