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7 Warning Signs of Relationship Killers and its Remedies

Not only do relationship issues start due to money, cheating, etc., but there are many more factors to be taken into count. Most relationships do not know the specific reason behind the bad connection. A relationship zeal can only be maintained only when small factors are taken seriously and understanding the expectations of each other. 

Keep reading the article till the last to know more about the warning signs of a bad relationship and the associated remedies discussed. 

The importance of a healthy relationship

Having a toxic or lousy relationship means gathering up emotion and mental pressure. A person can feel happier and livelier when healthy relationships practice is followed. It makes happier and removes the idea or fear of being alone. However, a bad relationship can disrupt one health to the extreme. That’s why it is essential to have a healthy relationship. 

However, having medical issues like ED and less sex drive can also signify a relationship killer. Thus, talking with the experts can be helpful in many ways. It also helps one learn about Performer 8 here and its significant benefits. 

Seven bad relationships signs and their remedies

To know the remedies of bad relationships, it is essential to detect the signs and see the reason behind developing toxic scenes in the relationship. Experts say it is tough to see the signs early as most of them are overlooked by couples.

With that note, mentioning below are the seven lousy relationship signs that every couple must focus on before they start having relationship issues: 

  1. Not focussing on “me” time.
  2. Showing affections occasionally.
  3. Assuming to know everything about each other.
  4. Doesn’t resolve conflicts.
  5. Lack of support and lack of respect in the relationship.
  6. Passive-aggressive behavior.
  7. Communication gap. 

Talking about the signs is done, but what about the solution? To help out the couples, here are the details of the symptoms and the remedies.  

  • Not focussing on “me” time

Not focusing on “me” time and only thinking about giving partners your valuable time is the early sign of a bad relationship. Not only is giving your time to partner necessary, having some self-time to understand the needs and expectations of oneself is also important. 


Talking with the partner and saying what is essential for you can be the best solution for maintaining a good relationship. 

  • Showing affections occasionally

This is where most couples go wrong. Showing affections to partners occasionally can lead your partner to frustration. In this, emotional barriers are built. Showing affection with small gestures is all that partners want from each other.


Showing your partner some beautiful gestures from time to time can be the most effective solution to this sign. Kissing or giving a hug to your partner can erase their discomfort level. 

  • Assuming to know everything about each other

Assumptions always lead to greater risk. Similarly, in the case of relationships, beliefs such as knowing each other ultimately can be boosters for a bad relationship. You know everything can do great harm, or sometimes it takes up the positive lead. 


Asking them questions is an excellent way to maintain a good relationship. Ask them what your partner wants and their current likes and dislikes. 

  • It doesn’t resolve conflicts

Most couples have poor conflict resolving skills, so there are sudden fights among the teams. Resolving disputes brings one close and helps one learn what has hurt them the most. 


Make up a routine that resolves all the conflicts before you and your partner go to bed. Otherwise, talk calmly about the situation and apologize even if there is no fault of yours. 

  • Lack of support and lack of respect in the relationship

Lack of support and respect can be another burning sign of a bad relationship. Supporting each other and respecting each other in decisions is the most significant factor in the relationship. Without it, partners start self-doubting themselves. 


Support your partner at times when they need you the most. Try to understand their perspectives and respect them in their steps.


  • Passive-aggressive behavior

Showing irritating or aggressive behavior can make your partner feel low about the relationship. As a result, a huge gap between couples is created, and also trust issues can be at their peak. 


When you feel irritated, ask your partner to keep some “me” space. But calming down, talk to your partner about the behavior, and ask them to understand your situation. 

  • Communication gap

This is the leading factor for bad relationships. Without good communication, a relationship can’t go well. This directs that the couple doesn’t know their partner and doesn’t like to talk with them. 


Talk with your partner often. Share about your day and ask them too. This will bring both the partners close and build up intimate relationships. 

Wrapping up 

So, this was all about the seven warning signs and their remedies which might help most couples figure out their relationship faults. Although, talking with experts can be helpful while getting to learn about Performer 8 here and its significant benefits that all teams must know about. 

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