Hate The Gym Here Are 10 Exercise Alternatives

So you want to get in shape, but you hate the idea of getting up at 5 a.m. to go for a run. And the last time you ponied up for a gym membership, you had the uncomfortable feeling that everyone was staring while you tried to figure out how to work one of those machines – the ones that look like medieval instruments of torture.

The traditional idea of a workout just isn’t for everyone which is the reason why many people go with the best testosterone booster. No need to worry – there are plenty of ways you can get in shape without joining an aerobics class or straining and grunting your way around a Nautilus circuit.

With the following tips and a little bit of imagination, you can find an activity that keeps you motivated. The more you enjoy your physical activity, the better the chances you will stick with it long enough to make a difference.

  1. Jump in the pool. Swimming is great exercise, and it is much easier on your joints than on a high-impact cardio class. Many communities sponsor a public pool which you can join for a modest fee, and you can train year-round. Look for open swim times, so that you are not trying to work out in the middle of high school swim team practice, and you can train as hard or as gently as you please in your own lane.
  2. Take up yard work. There are things you can do in any season to keep your lawn and garden looking its best. Whether you are hoeing weeds, raking leaves, or shoveling snow, gardening is a great way to burn calories and maintain muscle tone. Trade-in your mini-tractor for a good old-fashioned push mower, and you’ll have a ready-made workout alternative in your garage.
  3. Hit the links – without the golf cart. If you enjoy golf, you can pick up some exercise while you play around. Leave the golf cart in the clubhouse and walk the course – carry your own bag, and pick up the pace as you make your way from one hole to another.
  4. Walk the dog. It costs you all of 2 calories to open the back door and let the family pooch outside. Clip-on Fido’s leash and take him for a long walk once a day and you could end up burning 100 calories or more each time. Take the kids along, if you like, and enjoy the action while you get your heart pumping.
  5. Join (or start) a neighborhood kickball league. Nothing beats a game of kickball (or whiffle ball, or what have you) for a little competitive fun. Get your neighbors together and form up teams, and you’ll all burn some calories while you take turns showing off.
  6. Hit the trail. Whether you go solo or with a friend, a scenic hike can be a fantastic way to burn calories, and possibly enjoy some good conversation, while enjoying the great outdoors.
  7. Leave the car keys at home. If you have errands to run in your local area, leave the car in the driveway and hop on your bike; if you’re not going too far, why not just walk? Both alternatives are better for your physique, to say nothing of the environment.
  8. Take the stairs. Speaking of the environment, think about how much you can cut back on energy costs if you run up four flights of stairs, rather than taking the elevator. If you work in a busy building, you’ll probably save time, as well. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you progress from panting and grunting your way up to running two steps at a time.
  9. Take up canoeing. If you love to head outdoors and enjoy nature, canoeing or kayaking is a terrific way to get active while you enjoy the scenery. If you can’t get out during the week, make a weekend out of exploring the lakes and streams in your area. Join a kayaking club, and have fun getting to know others who share your interests while you work on getting fit.
  10. Have your own private dance party. If you love music and frequently find yourself jumping around to your favorite tunes, you have a ready-made workout program. Burn a CD or load up your MP3 player with dance songs, and go ahead and break it down. No one but you has to know how you look unless you’ve really got some moves and decide to take them on the stage.

Whatever you choose to do to stay in shape, remember that you need to get your heart rate up and break a sweat. The more active you get, the better you will feel, and you will begin to look forward to regular physical activity. You can always TEVO your favorite shows and watch them when your workout is over – or set up a treadmill right there in the living room and watch while you sweat.

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