Relationship Issues The Sooner You Know The Better

In today’s busy lifestyle, it is common to find many couples facing with relationship issues. Different couple will adopt different approach in handling relationship issues. Ideally, both partners should discuss and handle relationship issues together. However, some would rather keep quiet about the relationship issues with the hope that the issues will be forgotten and deemed resolved. Unfortunately, there are also couples who think that all relationship issues will be resolved if only their partners are willing to change according to their expectations.

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How about you?

Are you hoping to change your partner in order to resolve your relationship issues as well? Is it possible to change your partner in the first place? You may be one of those people who spend much time thinking about how you would get what you want from your partner. You may think that if only your partner change according to your expectation, then you could obtain a blissful relationship Considering the amount of time spend thinking on how to get your partner to change and not to mention the frustration you may get in return when your partner refuse to change, wouldn’t it be easier for you to change yourself instead?

Relationship Issues – Unrealistic Expectation

Some people have unrealistic expectation of a perfect relationship. Often time, they believe that their partners ought to treat them the way they wanted them to. Usually, this unrealistic expectation about a perfect relationship is formed during younger age as you absorbed silent imperatives about the role of a partner from society, from cultural and religious affiliation, from TV shows, movies, and books. Little did you know that by having unrealistic expectation, you are actually putting a lot of strain in your relationship if your partner couldn’t meet up with your expectations. The fact is, there is no perfect relationship and expecting your relationship to be perfect can only spell disaster in your relationship.

Relationship Issues – Not All Change Is Bad

That said, not all change is bad though. If it is not unrealistic, then it is a healthy change. For example, wanting your partner to be fit and healthy is a good change. However, if you want your partner to have a body like a celebrity has somehow become an unrealistic expectation instead. Your constant focus on your partner’s workout will cause unnecessary stress in your relationship. Not only you are preoccupying your brain on this relationship issues but you are using up much energy on this as well. This will eventually lead to obsessive behavior and will cause lots of frustration for both you and your partner..

The truth is you cannot change your partner by putting all your attention on him/her even though you know that the change would be good for him/her. Learning compassion and acceptance is a better approach. Many people want many things from their partners but understanding that everyone is unique in their own way and accepting them the way they are will bring harmony into your relationship. Remember that your partner’s unwillingness to change is not to hurt you or an indication of lack of love for you either. Your partner is just being a unique person. Love and cherish your partner for who he/she is and solve any relationship issues together to obtain a blissful relationship.

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