Different Levels Of Military Essay Writing

Military academies are educational institutions which prepare students for service in the officer corps of the army, the navy, air force or coast guard. These institutions provide education and training in a service environment.

Military academies exist in different types or levels which may be high school which awards academic credentials or qualifications, university-level institutions which award Bachelor’s degree level qualifications and institutions which prepare officer cadets eligible for commissioning into the armed forces or services of the country.

Studying in military academies in the UK involves military essay writing. The military essays required by the academies and their professors and written by the military students thus fall under the different levels of military studies.

A- Level –

Military students in the A-Level of education go to the Welbeck College which is a sixth form college for 16 to 18 year olds. Education and training in this military academy prepares students for entry into the British Armed Forces or Ministry of Defence Civil Service as Technical Officers after undergraduate studies. Military essays written by students in this level correspond to A-Level essay writing in institutions outside military academies.

Officer Training –

A higher level of military education is the officer training level in military academies Britannia Royal Naval College (HMS Dartmouth), Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Royal Air Force College Cranwell. Military essays written in this level require advance military education and knowledge.

Postgraduate and Staff Training –

Postgraduate and staff training falls into the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom. The academy includes Royal College of Defence Studies which is mainly for officers of Colonel, Brigadier or equivalent rank selected as future senior leaders. Enrolment is highly selective and so military essays written by the officer candidates are outstanding. Courses for officers from Major to Brigadier or equivalent rank are taken by candidates in the Joint Services Command and Staff College. Other postgraduate and staff training academies are the Defence college of Management and Technology, Armed Forces Chaplaincy Centre, Advance Research and Assessment Group and the Conflict Studies Research Centre.

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