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How can you use toe clip pedals smoothly?

With the latest toe clips, you will find two bands made either of nylon or steel. Your feet will be held with a strap that will encircle your feet. You will eventually not find any clipping in these pedals. If you have purchased a bicycle with toe clip pedals, you will surely want to know how you can use the same before cycling.

How to use the toe clip pedals

As you have already come to know, there is no physical clip in the toe clip pedals, and this article will give you a better idea of how you can use these pedals.

  • The first step will be placing the bicycle on stable surfaces like a cement floor or sidewalk. You now need to ride on the bicycle and keep one of your feet under the pedal strap on the pedal.

  • The ending part of the strap now has to be held, and you should pull the same upward and tighten the same with the shoe. Though it must be tight, you should also keep in mind that your feet must move backward also without facing any difficulty. Now, you need to repeat the same process with your other feet.
  • You may set your bike in the doorway. Getting the best support before becoming habituated with such pedals will be much easier this way. Now, you need to push one of the pedals at the bottom at a 180-degree angle, and the other pedal must be pushed down to a 360-degree angle.

Other things to maintain

When you are getting habituated with this new pedal system, you will need to maintain a few other things to ensure your safety. At the same time, you will get more confidence in riding the bicycle, and in the future, you can take the cycle anywhere you want.

  • You should find out a place where you can practice cycling using the toe clip pedals. Generally, it would be best if you went to a place which is low traffic. It would be best if you flipped your pedal so that the strap can face downwards. Once the pedal flips, your feet will also slide on the pedal quite naturally.
  • Before you start riding your bicycle daily, you should become habituated with the maneuver. You can start riding it, keeping both the straps downward. You need to flip one of the pedals now and then slide the other feet before you flip the other pedal. If you want to stop your bicycle, you need to keep on the feet onto the ground, and other feet must be removed.

A lot of new models of the bicycle are coming up with this toe clip pedal technology. You will surely want to purchase some of these latest models of cycles as those are very attractive in looks and having all the other lucrative features. So, it will be very good for you if you can become habituated with such pedals for cycling so that once you purchase the bicycle, you will not face too many problems in riding the same in heavy traffic roads.

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