The Most Popular CBD Flower Strains This 2021

The hemp flower industry has grown in popularity ever since it was legalized on a federal level last 2018. A lot of consumers wanted to experience first hand the benefits and advantages that consuming CBD provides. 

There are many High CBD Strain products on the market that it can be hard to make a choice. If you are looking for a CBD flower strain to buy this 2021 and would like some pointers, you are in luck. Listed below are some of the most popular CBD flower strain to purchase this year. Without further ado, let’s start:

  • Lifter

Featuring a total cannabinoid content of 22.8 percent and CBD content of 17.8 percent, the lifter CBD by Oregon CBD genetics proves to be one of the most well known hemp strains within the US, and for good reason. It can be integrated in almost every situation, from leisure CBD consumption to treating health problems. This CBD product provides users with a contented feel, which provides inner peace throughout the day if consumed in the morning.

The highlight of this product includes its Sativa strain, generous CBD amount, strong aroma, and strong CBD profile. The lifter is an extremely famous CBD strain because of its strong CBD flower that provides effective outcomes, in addition to providing a smooth smoke. This product is offered either as a pre roll, or a loose CBD flower if you are more interested in rolling the joint yourself. 

  • Bubba Kush 

The Bubba Kush product features a total cannabinoid content of 16.18 percent complimented with CBD content of 14.5 percent. It comes with the Indica strain, which works very well with the medium to high CBD amount within the product.

This flower strain is considered a classic, featuring a decadent and spectacular smell for your enjoyment. It features a flavor combination of coffee, chocolate, and coconut notes that is accentuated with a citrus finishing with every exhale. Bubba Kush CBD acquired its popularity due to its remarkable capabilities to make its effects known after lightning just a single joint. With that said, make sure that all of your tasks are done before indulging with this product. Certainly, this product is among the best CBD flower strains to end your day due to its fast acting nature, allowing you to relax immediately as soon as possible.

Similar to the product previously discussed above, the Bubba Kush is also available in a pre rolled and flower version.

  • Sour Space Candy

Available in either pre rolled or flower version, the Sour Space Candy features a total cannabinoid content of 22.2 percent, and CBD content of 17.3 percent. It features a Sativa strain, which compliments very well with its high CBD content for an uplifting daytime usage experience. As stated above, the Sour Space Candy is an uplifting, enjoyable, and powerful flower strain. It features a sweet blossom flavor that is nicely balanced with a variety of fruit flavorings. Its citrus flavoring, when combined with various tropical fruits will make up for a remarkably smooth and delicious smoking experience.

This product is an excellent mood uplifter, which makes it a great CBD strain for starting your day. There is simply no greater way to start the day with a clear mind, and this strain will provide you with that and more. Containing substantial levels of both limonene as well as pinene, the Sour Space Candy flower strain will allow you to deal with any kind of activity, no matter how complex or simple it is. This is because this flower strain can uplift your mood and make you calmer, level headed and helps clear your mind.

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