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Tips For Hiring Sub Contractors For A Big Job


For many homeowners, the difficult part of any home construction isn’t the projects itself, but it’s finding reliable and competent Sub-Contractor to do that job. For example knocking down a wall or even installing a kitchen cabinet is very simple compared to the struggle of hiring a quality Sub-Contractor who will do the project from the start to the end at high standards.

Professionals are concentrating on the μελετη στατικης επαρκειας to have the correct information about the requirements of the clients. The providing of the best services is possible for the experts and professionals after learning the requirements of the clients. 

Below are some of the tips that homeowners can use to ensure that they hire the best Sub-Contractors to perform their projects with high levels from the bringing to the end.

.1.Determine your estimates

Begin with some ideas and also have s plan. You shouldn’t begin by talking to Sub-Contractors. As a homeowner you will surly get an accurate estimate if you are very specific in what you could like to be done and the type of materials you would wish to use to make you project successful.

2.Ask co-workers, relatives and friends for references

People who have done related projects in your neighborhood like relatives and friends are the best resource reference. If you know people in other construction companies you can ask them too. Local hardware stores employees can also be reliable as a source of reference.

3.Interview at least three sub-contractors

Ask many questions and get a written proposal from each Sub-Contractor. When you compare those proposals, ensure each includes the same materials and tasks. Get three proposals even if have a Sub-Contractor you like. This is because you will learn something new from each interview. Ensure that you negotiate after getting the proposal and before you sign any contract.

4.Choose the right Sub-Contractor for the right project

Make sure that you hire the right Sub-Contractor for the right project, for example a Sub-Contractor who did a perfect job tiling your friend’s bathroom isn’t necessarily the right Sub-Contractor to build an addition to your house. You must find the correct Sub-Contractor for does the kind of project you would like to do.

5.Check litigaion, complaints and licenses history

Many sub-contractors should be licensed; however the procedure differs by municipality and state. You should check local court records, Better Business Bureau, and even disciplinary boards for problems. Ask the sub-contractor for a copy of his license.

6.Sign a detailed contract

Ensure your contract states out exactly the kind of project that will be done, including the progress payment, who will supply the materials, the exact materials and also the deadlines. If the sub-contractor’s contract is not detailed then you can write up yours or offer addendums. Any changes in the project, whether you change your mind regarding the products or ask for extra projects, they should give a written order which includes the materials, new work and cost. Ensure that all the agreements and contract made is written down.

7.Get the proper permits

Nearly all construction projects require a permit. However a number of licensed sub-contractors will suggest the project to be done without a permit so as to save some money. It does not only violate local ordinances and will subject you to a fine if caught, but it implies that the project won’t be inspected by the county or city to ensure it’s up to the require standards. Be cautious of sub-contractors who will ask you to get a permit – that’s the sub-contractor’s work. Unpermitted work will cause a lot of problems.


As a homeowner you should consider the above tips that will help you to hire the right sub-contractors to done the work for you. Ensure that the sub-contractors you hire are qualified and have all the require documents, materials and other facilities.

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