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Free Weights Vs Machines – Which is better one?

Why? Well for one thing, your options for workout routines are tremendously larger with a set of dumbbells than it is with a single machine. You could effectively hit every muscle group in your body with a barbell and a couple of plates. This is especially true if you are trying to build a home gym on a budget. Unless you have thousand of bucks to shell out on bulky and expensive machines, stick with the free weights.

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Have you ever noticed that you can stack more weight onto a machine than you could on a similar free weight exercise? The reason is because you are using muscles that machines ignore. Since you’re required to utilize all of your stabilizing muscles when using free weights, you would be exercising body parts that would go completely overlooked on a strict machine routine. Also your body gets a peripheral lesson in balance and coordination with free weights. All in all free weights give you a more holistic and dynamic workout than the machine alternative.

That being said, machines are not without their merits.

Due to the unstructured nature of free weight exercises, people new to fitness are more prone to injury. Form is key when it comes to free weights, and form takes time to learn. The dead-lift exercise in particular is notorious for having inexperienced weightlifters throw out their backs, so if you’re new to the gym it might be best to stick to the machines.

What was mentioned as a con earlier can now also be seen as a pro. The fact that you can stack more weight on a machine than you could on a free weight exercise can help you break through plateaus. The isolation that machines are designed for simply cannot be replicated by free weights, and a lot of bodybuilders will use this knowledge to help them progress their fitness goals.

So when it comes to a head to head comparison, free weights are better than machine, but that doesn’t make them the best option. Your gym has both free weights and machines for a reason; so you can use both.

As with most things, the right balance between free weight and machine workouts will depend on your fitness level and goals. For unique cases like muscle rehabilitation, machines are preferable for all the reasons listed above. For the average guy, there’s nothing wrong with utilizing a more machine oriented approach, but over time, and as you grow accustomed to muscle fatigue and proper form, you should begin to incorporate more free weight exercises in to your routine.

Speaking in terms of one kind of exercise being superior to another is more counter-productive than a cooperative outlook. Jumping in between free weight and machine exercises will give you the benefits of both, and in doing you will see better results than either option exercised alone.

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