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Braids Make the Perfect Style!

Rock Those Braids! Braided hair styles are an excellent way to simplify your hair styling routine. There are various braid styles that allow your hair to take a break from the daily styling, while also adding a new sleek look to your appearance. Whether you choose to wear microbraids, cornrows like Alan Iverson, braided weaves, single braid hairdos or box braids, it is important that you take proper care when braiding your hair. Tips for Caring for your Braided Hair: Whether you are braiding your own hair or adding extensions, don’t forget to NEVER braid the hair too tight.

Tightness can cause thinning of the hair. It’s best to get braids redone more often to remove any tension on the hair and scalp. Never pull the hair in one direction for too long a period of time as this could damage the cuticle leading to the thinning of hair or even hair loss like traction alopecia. If you get your hair braided and begin to notice tiny bumps on the scalp or around the hairline, this is a signal that your hairstyle is too tight. If you begin to get a headache from your new braid style or your eyes have changed shape and look like you’ve had a brow lift, your hairstyle is too tight.

Take it out immediately and ask your stylist for a refund or ask to have it redone at no cost. In order to avoid encountering a situation such as this and feeling like you’ve wasted your time and money, take notice as your hair is being braided. Speak up politely. If you feel the braids are too tight on your scalp tell your stylist immediately to avoid having to come back to get it redone again. Your time is precious and so is your money! Remember, you call the shots. Do what feels right to you and only you. Your hair and your stylist will be grateful in the end. Want a braid weave or any weave in general? Weaves using glue are very popular but many don’t realize it’s a hazard! Never use glue on the hair because it can thin the hair and damage the hair follicle and scalp.

Remember, glue is a chemical. Try to stay as natural as possible with your hair products so that you’ll have lots of hair left in the years to come. Wash hair every 1-2 weeks to remove bacteria and odor from braids caused by braid sprays or moisturizers meant to keep braids looking neat. These products can cause buildup on the hair. A great trick is to wear a stocking cap while washing hair to keep braids from frizzing too much. This technique is great at maintaining neat looking braids through each shampoo session. If you experience any frizz, spritz the hair with a leave-in conditioner like Infusium 23 or some essential oil mix and add a satin cap to help flyaways lie flat  taking away the frizz.

This will keep braids looking neat and well groomed. The extra moisture also maintains the life of your braids. To keep braids from unraveling consider using gel, beads, shells or elastic bands (only with extensions). This is a great way to add some “flava” and style to your hair. Braid extensions shield hair from the damaging effects of the sun. But don’t keep in extensions for more than a month and a half or this could lead to damage and breakage. Wear a silk or satin scarf at night to preserve the style of your hair. ***Return to home page from braids page.*** Watch the latest videos on

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