Bodybuilding Creatine What You Should Know About Pre Workout Supplements

Basically, it’s a back up energy source for your muscles which is a perfect pre workout supplement to give you energy during your weight training.

The problem now days is that there are so many different kinds of pre workout supplements on the market that it is hard to find out which one will work the best.

What to look for when buying Bodybuilding Creatine

Some of the things you need to look for is the expiration date. If the expiration date is close to the current date, then I would recommend not buying it.

No Expiration Date

If the creatine doesn’t have a expiration date on it at all, then I would definitely walk away from that particular product.

Pure Creatine Supplement vs Mix Creatine Pre Workout Supplements

You can buy pure creatine supplement and pre workout creatine supplement that incorporates different compounds in them. New products are always coming on the market that have combined creatine with other compounds to create a better pre workout supplement. A lot of these pre workout supplements will combine creatine with a sugary carbohydrate because they have found it spikes your insulin levels and helps transport the creatine into your muscles faster.

Creatine-to-Sugar Ratio

But the one thing you need to be careful about is the Creatine-to-Sugar Ratio. Make sure the sugar levels on the labels aren’t too high because you will just be paying for sugar. Why spend money to get a sugar rush instead of the proper creatine dosage. Make sure you read the labels when it comes to those creatine pre workout supplements.

Overall, try to stick with the ones that have less ingredients. The less ingredient, the better the product will be in my opinion.

After you buy it… Keep it covered

Creatine has been known to clump up and stick together, especially when you leave the lid open for too long. This is not good when you want to mix it into water for a drink.

This is a Very Powerful Supplement

Bodybuilding creatine is a very powerful supplement. A lot of the labels on these creatine or pre workout supplements will advise you to take more creatine then you need for your loading preparation.

Sure, you may see results really fast but you will have to cycle off of it because your body can not handle that much creatine for a long period of time. It destroys your kidneys if you take a lot of creatine for an extended period of time. The fact is that you don’t need that much creatine to be effective in your workouts. You can take a reduced amount per day which will be plenty for what you need to do in the gym.

When to take Creatine

The best time to use bodybuilding creatine is when you have reached a plateau in your workout or when you are trying to get ripped and want your energy level high.

When you reached a plateau, creatine or a pre workout supplement with creatine in them will help you overcome most plateaus. It will increase your strength and energy thus allowing you to push out more reps and sets with heavier weights.

When you are trying to get ripped and you are on a low calorie diet, bodybuilding creatine will help keep your energy levels high while your calorie intake is low. This will help you keep your muscle mass while you are trying to burn fat with your workouts.

Creatine should never be used when you haven’t mastered your diet and weight lifting techniques. Make sure you have a few months of weight training under your belt with a good and healthy diet before you incorporate bodybuilding creatine into your regiment.

If you are searching for alternates other than the rigid regime to be followed with Creatine, then Testogen can be one of your judicial choices. It is a renowned brand for pre-workout supplements, which boosts the inherent testosterone levels to rev up the gym performance. Unlike the one discussed in detail, this alternate is pretty safe and easy to include in the routine. 

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