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What is the Connecting Link Endometriosis and Testosterone?

Endometriosis might be considered as a game-changer on the overall horizon characterized for women in the present times. While it is known to affect about 10% of women on the verge of reproductive ages, the condition is known to be very painful. Under this, the tissue that looks like endometrial starts growing outside the female uterus on different organs such as on the outside wall of the uterus, fallopian tube, ovaries, and bowel.

It is hard to get successfully detected in people. On average, it takes about 7 to 10 years to succeed with an accurate diagnosis of the condition.

Pain and testosterone: How are they connected? 

Less amount of testosterone naturally direct to an increased level of pain. One of the primary reasons behind endometriosis is the presence of severe pain that can be explained by a low level of testosterone in utero. Various researchers have noted that the amount of prenatal hormone exposure might lead to influencing pain sensitivity. The presence of testosterone was directly linked to the perception of pain. Simultaneously, estradiol is known to increase it.


Hormonal imbalance starting in the womb 

While studying the presence of male sex hormones in a woman, a large body with the existence of literature across various disciplines was reviewed. It was then discovered that in comparison to the women who are not suffering from this disease, women suffering from it were known to be more likely into the risk zone of the development as fetuses in a mother paired with a low level of testosterone. Developing females with low exposure to this male hormone were appeared to leading a low level of ovarian testosterone level when compared to estradiol levels. A deficiency or lack of testosterone in the uterus might end up setting the stage of hormones for the development of endometriosis at a later stage.

Considering testosterone enanthatesuch an imbalance leads to several different effects that exist in favor of the growth of lesions similar to endometriosis. Testosterone is considered a suppressor of the immune system along with being an inhibiting agent of inflammation. It must be noted that the inflammatory response of the immune system and the immune system itself are known to be much active in this condition.


Researches were, at a later stage, prompted to follow up on the role of testosterone succeeding in the publication of a detailed analysis given in October 2016 revolving around DIE (deep infiltrating endometriosis) in human reproduction. It was known to suggest a link between hormone exposure characterized to be prenatal, the disease itself, and an anatomical measurement marking the exposure of utero hormone which is also known as anogenital distance. Another study not much time later discovered a strong connection between endometriosis and such a type of anatomy size.


The challenge is to figure out how to reach an increased level of testosterone in women with endo while not triggering any side effects. Researchers are known to be working towards the development of ways to deliver a high level of the hormone without the generation of any side effects. What do you think, is testosterone level and testosterone enanthate the direct connector of the condition?

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