Chronic Fatigue Weight Loss

Diet, Fat too many people start their diets with a “bang” by rapidly losing several pounds, only to quickly crash and end up binge eating and regaining all the weight they lost-and then some. To avoid this, you should think of your diet as a journey to weight loss. You are traveling from your current state of being overweight to your new destination of a lean, fit, and healthy body.

But you need to negative carefully to get to your new destination. Drive in the wrong direction and you will never reach you goal; drive too fast and recklessly and you will crash. i will tell you how to move your weight-loss program in the right direction through recipe planning, shopping, eating, and monitoring your diet. You also will learn how to negative your way through the many obstacles, such as dietary imbalance and overindulgence, you might face on your road to permanent weight and fat loss.

Diet Started

Weight loss pills should be taken in a particular quantity. Excess intaking can lead to serious side-effects. For your first week on the Hormone Revolution program, do not change your eating habits. You heard me right-eat exactly what you were eating before you decided to start my program. I believe that changing your habits has to come slowly, one step at a time; if you try to change everything too quickly, you will be less likely to adhere to any new system. Therefore, for the first week on the Hormone Revolution program, start exercising exactly as I have outlined to develop some strength and build an exercise foundation.

The eating plan in this program is specifically designed to hormonally charge your exercise program. During the end of the second week of exercising, slowly start to change your eating habits in order to bring them in line with the goals of the diet program outlined below:

  • Regulate your dietary sources of carbohydrates based on their fiber content-the higher, the better.
  • Limit your starch and sugar intake to the Magic Windows period after exercising.
  • Eliminate junk foods in favor of four six low-starch, high-protein Standard Meals throughout the day
  • Coordinate your eating habits with your Hormone Revolution Exercise Plan.

Each of these elements has a tremendous impact on your hormones, as you will learn throughout this chapter. By the fourth week of the diet, you should be adhering very closely to the guidelines of the eating plan.

Diet Exercise

You will surprised how painless this diet can be if you implement it slowly and start exercising and strengthening your body first. what do you think your body wants you to feed it after doing an intense 45-minute weight-lifting workout? A bag of potato chips or some grilled first with rice? Research studies as well as my own observations have shown that people almost automatically start eating healthier once they begin exercising. When you exercising regularly, your body sends strong message to your appetite and taste centers telling them what kind of food it needs, and most people respond positively to these brain messages.

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