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Best 3 Mac remote access apps for enterprise use

People start realizing the importance of remote desktop software since the origination of the Coronavirus pandemic. If you are away from the office and need to control any other device from Mac, there is software available for remote management of your enterprise. Finding reliable remote desktop software is quite a daunting task but certainly helps in controlling your device remotely. The process of accessing a remote network is known as Virtual Network Computing, which is very useful in work from home settings and fixing remotely located computer issues, transferring files, network monitoring, or page sharing. If you want a free version of remote management software for your Mac, you can install scarica anydesk for free.

  • TeamViewer

It is one of the best remote management tools used around the world for non-commercial purposes. A single user can use the full version of this software with multiple Mac or Pc devices, working on the same network or remote access. Home users can use it for free, though businesses need to meet the enterprise features. Gamers use the free version of TeamViewer so abruptly that it becomes the most popular version of remote desktop tools. Besides remote access, TeamViewer provides enterprise monitoring, management, critical issues, and inventory tracking of the IT system. It’s very easy to use. Just install it on both devices, and put the ID of the connected device. That’s all! Share your Id and password to whom you want to connect your device safely. Here, the monthly price starts at $49. 

  • LogMeIn

The most powerful Mac remote desktop application is LogMeIn. It is the best remote management software in the market for its abilities. It is quite popular among individuals, businesses, technicians, and IT professionals for remote device support. After years of experience and reconstruction, LogMeIn has become the greatest remote desktop app designed for macOS. The multiple features such as user-friendliness, 1TB file storage, ability to connect in no time, the advantage of printing remotely, support for high definition video makes this app liked by all. This app can be used by many users who can exchange files and have a free licensing facility. If LogMeIn detects any unauthorized logins, it will lock that account to maintain ultimate security. You can get an amazingly smooth connection between Mac and iPad using this power app. Since 2014, there’s been no free version of LogMeIn. The pro version of the app contains a free trial for 14 days. Pricing for LogMeIn starts from $30 monthly.

  • GoToMyPC

Your search ends here if you are hunting for the cheapest Mac remote desktop software. It’s a strong, reliable, and easy-to-use software in the remote desktop market. You will be surprised to know that LogMeIn develops this app. It is mostly suitable for individual users, small enterprises, or any big corporate house that can remotely manage their employees’ devices. Transferring files between Mac and other devices is extremely easy using GoToMyPC. You can rest assured of the security which it offers to the connected devices. Authorized users can only use a single password and prevent any unauthorized access. A special feature of GoToMyPC is that it allows you to temporarily invite another person to get technical support with your Mac. The individual pricing for GoToMyPC starts from $35 monthly. You can also use the free trial version of GoToMyPC if necessary.

Each of the apps mentioned above is helpful for the core functioning of your remote desktop. If you continuously face networking complexities, download the latest scarica anydesk for remote desktop viewing from your Mac to other Mac or Windows. For getting the right match for your mac, consider license terms, pricing, features, and other functionality of your remote access software.

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