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Is it possible to substitute synthetic pee with genuine urine in order to “beat” occupational drug testing?

Drug testing in the workplace may result in severe consequences. They are not yet as common in Europe as they are in the United States, but their popularity seems to be on the rise. Drug tests are often used to determine whether or not to give a job and whether or not to retain it. Since the late 1980s, an increasing number of businesses have turned to this technique to keep tabs on their workers’ whereabouts. In the United States, more than half of all occupations require employees to submit to a drug test at some time during their employment. The majority of drug tests, with the exception of those for transportation employees, are publicized a few days in advance.

Unfortunately, even in places where cannabis has been legalized for both medicinal and recreational purposes, a person who tests positive for a controlled drug runs the danger of losing their job or being deemed “unfit” for a particular profession. This is the fake pee drug test that you need to be sure of.

The Application of Synthetic Urine

It goes without saying that the most failsafe method for passing a urine test is to refrain from providing a sample that contains any evidence of illegal substances. To get a urine sample, you may either ask a buddy who does not use illicit drugs to do so, or you can utilize synthetic urine straight from a manufacturer. 

What Is the Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic Urine is a synthetic urine product. A urine or fluid sample must be obtained in order to mislead the laboratory’s analytical systems, and it must have the same chemicals found in regular urine, as well as have a temperature that corresponds to that of a liquid recently ejected from the body, in order to achieve this result. The finest synthetic urine kits available on the market are also equipped with a powder that can be mixed with the liquid to quickly warm it up.

Other kits contain heating plates as well as temperature-checking strips that are specific to the kit. Depending on the circumstances, synthetic urine samples may be heated in a microwave oven for about 10 seconds before being kept close to the skin and beneath clothes to preserve body temperature to the greatest extent feasible until shipment. You may, for example, take use of the heat generated between your bra and your skin, or between your armpit and your shirt. In the fake pee drug test these methods are generally taken.

Need for Practice

Obviously, you will need to practice a bit in order to properly utilize fake urine and avoid drawing attention to yourself. The sample procedure is not carefully monitored by the majority of businesses, although there are those that do so. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to use specific kits that can mimic the act of urinating (such as fake penises equipped with a urine delivery system).

Drugs Detox Process

Another method of passing a drug test is to completely eliminate all traces of drugs from your system. This essentially translates as “rinsing” the whole body in order to pass the urine test successfully. For others, an ancient treatment of water and herbal teas is sufficient; they consume litres upon litres of fluids to flush out any and all poisons that may be detected in their bodies.

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